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Sacramento Conference Room (Capacity: 28+ (or 40 without tables))
This room is located in the center of the Metro Chamber space. It features one entire wall which is a writeable on a white surface, 14 movable tables which can be configured a variety of ways, 28 chairs, a Polycom unit, credenza side table and a Sony 75” LED Smart HD TV with HDMI connection. You have the option of including additional seating around the parameter of the room.
Bank of America Conference Room (Capacity: 12)
This room is located behind the reception desk area on the Capitol Mall side of the building. It features boardroom style table, 1 Polycom unit, 55” HD TV with HDMI connection on the table, 12 high-back chairs, and a credenza side table.
Yolo Conference Room (Capacity: 8)
This room features a phone, 55” HD TV with HDMI connection, a dry-erase board, a boardroom style table and 8 high back chairs.
El Dorado Conference Room (Capacity: 4)
This room is located adjacent to the front reception desk. It features internet capability, a permanent round style table with 4 high back chairs two glass whiteboards.
Registration table required?
Will food be needed?
Coffee/Tea/Water service? ($50 additional charge)
Concierge Catering Package ($200 additional charge)
For additional cost, the Metro Chamber can assist with coffee and water set up and/or ordering and delivery of your food items through our concierge services. Requester is responsible for the cost of the food and beverage. Only Metro Chamber member caterers and vendors may be utilized.