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St. John’s Shelter Program for Women and Children assists families in transitioning from crisis to self-sustainability. Families begin their journey in the structured environment at the shelter, developing the vision, hope, road map and the tools to break the cycle of dependence. In the second phase, mothers enter programs at Plates Cafe and First Steps where they build the work ethic, skills and references to achieve long term employment. The third phase, Greenway Village, provides them with the housing and ongoing support they need while they complete their employment training program and progress towards living independently. The final phase culminates in the participants becoming self-sustaining and the primary providers for their families. Unlike other programs that focus on specific problems of shelter, training or housing, St. John’s program is UNIQUE and comprehensive in its nature, guiding mothers through the whole JOURNEY toward a life of self sufficiency. Ultimately, St. John’s is unlike any other program. It is an INVESTMENT in the long term goal that single mothers with children can and will become independent and positive contributors to our community.