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About Us

Valley Vision is a nonprofit association of people and organizations working to secure the social, environmental and economic health of the Sacramento Region. Founded in 1994, we are an objective, nonpartisan “action tank” committed to regional problem-solving as well as impartial research for sound decision-making. We act as a bridge, uniting neighbors and organizations that together can make a real difference in our communities.

The long-term challenges facing our communities in the Sacramento region do not fit neatly within local political boundaries. To affect change, Valley Vision partners with a broad cross-section of the region’s leadership from business, government, agriculture, the environmental community, organized labor, education, utilities and the nonprofit sector. We work together to develop coalitions, strategies and specific actions that improve the quality of life in our region. Our approach is long-term and inclusive – nothing else will ensure our region’s lasting prosperity.

Valley Vision:
• Identifies critical issues and opportunities to influence and shape regional growth in a positive way
• Helps people and groups create their own proactive, breakthrough solutions to issues
• Is a neutral convener and connector
• Is inclusive, involving a diversity of groups and individuals
• Is a source of independent and impartial information on regional issues and best practices
• Measures our progress using objective data and indicators

Over the last several years, Valley Vision has demonstrated its unique ability in working with others to develop strategies to solve problems. The result has been the creation of innovative outcomes and actions in the areas of transportation and land use, business education partnerships, regional data reports, open-space and agricultural conservation and services for low-income residents.